Healing for the whole self.
Healing for the whole self.

Massage Services



Bliss Massage


Bliss massage is a gentle treatment that offers long, slow strokes to soothe and relax the muscles, so that your stress melts away. Afterwards, you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.



Couples Massage


Share wellness with someone special who shares your life.

I offer massage for couples at my Parkville office location.

This service gives both you and your beloved the chance to receive a gentle, restorative massage side by side in a safe, relaxing atmosphere. Quiet music and attentive therapists make couples massage an experience you don't want to miss.

This is an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, getaways, or when you just need to share some quiet time together.


(This fee structure does not include couples' hot stone massage, which is priced separately.)





Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage is a type of therapy that targets adhesions and restricted areas well beneath the surface muscle tissue. Long, slow strokes offer increased pressure to coax  soft-tissue restrictions to relax. I may use fingers, fists, elbows, or forearms for this type of massage.  It is important that we keep up a dialogue about how you are experiencing the pressure. While this is one of the more intense forms of treatment, we can customize the pressure and areas worked, so that this treatment is tolerable and has the maximum therapeutic effect.

Note that deep tissue massage is not a treatment that will benefit everyone. If you request this service, then we will discuss whether this type of massage is a tool that can be used for your benefit.





Headache Treatments

Headache sufferers know that that we can experience headaches for any number of reasons: insufficient sleep, hormones, allergies, and more. Even when we understand some of the contributing factors that lead to headaches, nothing makes the pain of headaches seem any more tolerable.

I offer massage for headaches as a treatment that is focused on the upper body, with special attention to the scalp. Living pain-free requires free movement of all of the moveable structures of our bodies. Massage creates more movement. Movement is a good thing.

Massage helps facilitate free movement of the limbs, which we often discuss. In addition, massage helps to loosen tight, restricted muscles and connective tissue--which, in turn, creates space for free movement of blood and lymph.

If you have headaches, consider adding massage to treat headaches to your existing massage treatment, or having a standalone treatment. Either way, you will receive a profound benefit.





Hot Stone Massage

A longtime favorite spa treatment, hot stone massage is a luxurious treatment that combines the best of soothing heat and pampering relaxation. This decadent service features massaging hands that find the points that need attention, as the gentle warmth of heated stones permeates the body.

All guests are required to complete an intake form when first presenting for services. The use of heat during a treatment requires a thorough discussion of health history, in order to maintain your safety and comfort. This treatment may be inappropriate for some.


Targeted Massage

Targeted massage is a blend of Swedish massage with various basic and advanced massage styles and techniques to address specific ailments or complaints.

Targeted sessions are an excellent choice when you wish to focus on specific issues for improvement.

Note that full-body treatment is not offered with this service




 Signature Services



Goddess Massage

Goddess Massage is my signature massage service. This blissful treatment offers a nurturing blend of Reiki energy, gentle stretching, and integrative strokes to open body tissues and soothe the spirit. Afterwards, you will feel joyful and renewed.




Free Your Mind Headache Treatment Package

Free yourself from the tyranny of headaches...or simply give yourself the gift of a nourishing, rejuvenating therapy. Begin with scalp massage and headache treatment, then prepare for a meditative journey that will refresh your spirit. Complete your experience with a Reiki healing treatment designed to fill you with peace and tranquility.





The Royal Treatment

This treatment offers a delightful combination of exfoliation and massage. A skin-friendly salt scrub gently coaxes soft, new tissue to bare its fresh face to the world. The scrub is rinsed away with deliciously warm towels, and a moisture-rich blend of botanical butters is gently massaged into the skin. You will feel perfectly pampered. This experience is not to be missed.


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