Healing for the whole self.
Healing for the whole self.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is classified as a therapeutic intervention—in part because it can create all of the changes listed here and more. Incidentally, this treatment also happens to be a delightful experience. Remember—massage is a wonderfully nuanced way to support your overall health. No matter what kind of massage you prefer, all of these benefits are available to you with every treatment.*







(Massage creates numerous changes in the physical body, whether via direct intervention, indirect manipulation of body tissues, or stimulation of body processes.)



Reduce or eliminate muscle pain and tension


Improve range of motion


Lower blood pressure


Reduce the frequency and severity of headaches


Improve digestion


Ease constipation (by addressing the abdominal cavity)


Increase immunity (by stimulating the flow of lymph)


Release endorphins (which act as the body's painkillers)


Improve circulations


Increase muscle tone


Improve joint flexibilty


Decrease insomnia, and improve the quality of sleep








(Massage causes emotional shifts, and influences hormonal control, by inducing changes in the endocrine system. Hormones are powerful substances that enact their changes slowly, over time. We may have frequent contact with hormones (for example, birth control, steroids, and growth hormone all fit into this category), but don't be fooled--hormones control the actions of every system in the body. Even the heart has hormones.


Following is a list of some of the emotional changes that massage can bring about:



Decrease stress


Lower anxiety


Reduce the symptoms of depression





*You may notice that I did not list the “elimination of toxins” as one of the functions of massage. This controversial action is something that the body does without massage intervention, and which recent studies suggest massage cannot help with. Laura Allen explains this succinctly, here.

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